By Padraig Berry

The Dangerous Book for CEO’s

A practical guide for CEO’s

This is a practical guide for CEOs in two parts, things to know and things to do, on how to build superior organisational performance through individual actions and behaviours, starting with you.


We specialise entirely in helping leaders of growing companies develop and maintain piercing clarity, strategy and focused action at the individual, team and business levels.


Whether you’re a small business owner, CEO or divisional head you want to set and achieve really big goals. Like all top performers, get expert assistance.


Do you have a world class “Fit for purpose” team – probably the single most important ingredient in the mix that makes for business success.


Help your organisation to think big and go small, to line up the dominos and WIN! Focus on people, strategy, execution and cash.

“During a period of significant and continuous change, we believed as a leadership team, what we needed to do was to re-invigorate and motivate ourselves to reframe our business strategy.

Following our engagement with ONEFocus what we actually did was simply to re-FOCUS. We re-Focused individually on our own motivation, wellbeing and strength and as a leadership team we re-Focused our business strategy to match those strengths.”

Gary O'Callaghan

– Gary O’Callaghan, CEO Siemens Ltd, Ireland

“Like many others, the calamity of the global down turn has forced me to look to industries I have not previously been associated with and naturally this has proved very challenging.

Upon meeting with Padraig from ONEFocus in I quickly realised his ability for strategy and focus in business was far better than mine and sought his help! 

Time spent with Padraig leads to clear and focused action.  I look forward to working with him again in the future!”

Glenn Leddy Quote

– Glenn Leddy,

For me personally it was an insightful process – not always comfortable but certainly helpful in terms of aiding me in recognising my strengths and areas for improvement in order to reach my full potential”


– Eilis Loughrey, Group HR Manager The Gleneagle Hotel Group

“I’ve found ONEFocus’s Deliberate CEO group to be a very useful gathering of CEO’s who provide constructive criticism, feedback and challenge on plans for the business. The group is ably facilitated with the focus firmly on the solutions to the key issues facing each CEO.”

Peter Caslin Headshot

Peter Caslin, CEO FRS Ltd

“When good simply isn’t good enough and you need your business and your team to be at its absolute best. The team at ONEFocus are the people that will help plot that road map to success.”

Aidan Duff Headshot

– Aidan Duff, Managing Director Prima Sport

“Our organisation already was high performance, ONEFocus took us to the next level”

Tom Mousley

– Thomas Mousley, Commercial Sales Manager Siemens Energy

“ONEFocus was a source of both clarity and inspiration for my new business and I would highly recommend them as consultants.”

David Kavanagh

– David Kavanagh, CEO

“ONEFocus has Developed and steered the team to engage in open discussion with a strategic focus to drive the business forward for sustainable growth.”

John Dolan Headshot

– John Dolan, General Manager The Gleneagle Hotel

Video Training Series

We have recently launched 4 FREE video series on how to develop, personal and business Clarity, Strategy and Action. The first episode of each series can be seen below.

1.  Lining up the Dominos:
Learn how to develop piercing clarity and focus both personally and in your business.

2.  Discovering your Hedgehog:
Identify and focus on where both you and your business create the maximum value.

3.  ONEThing Planning:
Learn how to develop and then translate Purpose into Priority through practical strategy that delivers results.

4.  Getting Things Done:
Move from Purpose and Priority into Productivity – Execution is the Chariot of Genius!

For 20 years ONEFocus Business Consultants have been helping leaders of growing organisations develop and maintain piercing clarity on strategy, and focus on execution as they reframe themselves, their teams and their organisations for greater success, through the leveraged delivery of simple, usable, performance improvement thinking, models and tools.


Case Studies

Below are real world examples of how ONEFocus Business Consultants Ireland have built value for our clients.

Building a business is a difficult task and it is made all the more difficult when the right people and support is not around you and your team. This was exactly the problem that Aidan Smith encountered as he began building his very own Irish tech firm. As a CEO, he felt that he simply didn’t not have the support and knowledge of what this role entailed. Through these problems, Aidan developed the idea for DeliberateCEO. The concept looks at CEO’s gathering together to support one another about industry knowledge through their own experiences. “Basically the best support for a CEO is another CEO,” says Aidan Padraig’s introduction into the business took the programme to the next level, focusing the meetings on personal development, planning and accountability. Using his 123 Model, which encompasses the Hedgehog model and ONEThing Plan, Padraig has turned the DeliberateCEO into a really simply and excellent consulting tool. “Padraig gave us a model that was simple to understand and easy to implement. In a week or two it was done and dusted. Here’s my plan, here are my strategic thrusts, and these are the areas we need to improve” says David.

Click HERE to read full case study.

Developing a Strategic View, looks at a large multinational currently working out of Ireland. ONEFocus were approached after the company underwent significant organisational restructuring and wanted to re-engage their top team, helping them to see the bigger picture . Padraig met with Head of Division Tom and got straight to the issues at hand. Padraig’s straightforward approach had major benefits. “The programme helped immensely in getting me and the team to focus back on the important stuff, what we are and are not good at, what we want to do and what we think we can monetise”. Head of Division Tom.

Click HERE to read full case study.

Back from the brink is a case study narrative of one company, who had a strategic planning process, management systems and sales initiative, which all were proving unsuccessful. The CEO, John, sought advice and guidance and came across Padraig Berry. Berry set to change how the company was managed through careful advice and the incorporation of the ONEThing Plan. Through the ONEThing Plan, the company managed to turn their failure into success. The case study looks to highlight how, over a short period of time, the effectiveness of the ONEThing Plan’s philosophy helped, through Mr. Berry’s guidance, to ultimately turn the company around. “I’m happy where the company is now, and I would say much of that is attributed to the ONEThing Plan process.” Says John the CEO.

Click HERE to read full case study.

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