You and your team need to agree, a clear and unambiguous vision and strategy for the business.

When you know what you have to do today, this week, this month, this year and in the next 3 years to achieve that vision…

Then you are unstoppable!

Our Business Strategy Programme.

We bring years of experience in helping businesses identify, articulate and execute strategy that works.

We have been in your shoes and know the uncertainty, the isolation and the pressures you are facing.

You probably need to fine-tune to really get going and we have the knowledge and expertise to get you there, in a way that will make sense to you, and that soon enough will be your own.

What we bring

  • Leading-edge strategic thinking and planning workshops
  • Proven, sound and straight-forward methodology to start now
  • Delivery by Strategy Specialists
  • Delivered with energy and expertise


“When good simply isn’t good enough and you need your business and your team to be at its absolute best. The team at ONEFocus are the people that will help plot that road map to success.”

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– Aidan Duff, Managing Director
Prima Sport

123 Business Reframing Model

Personal Leadership, Fit for Purpose Team, Business Strategy Reframing



The 123 Business Reframing Model is about developing a world class business, from the top down and the inside out, one person at a time; it is about clarity, strategy and action, in that order; it is about identifying how you create value, as a person, team and business; it is about one culture, one plan and one focus; it is about building the confidence to think big and go small, to line up and then knock down the dominos for success.

This holistic, integrated and simple approach is transformational, resulting in disciplined people, with disciplined thinking, taking disciplined action, to achieve the agreed goal.

The 123 model recognises that culture eats strategy for breakfast; that a world class team pursuing their passions with a clear economic driver and business model is unbeatable.


Our tri-part logo is a representation of our thinking – first develop real Clarity, then build Strategy and finally take Action.


Within the model are three main activities:

1. We work:

1. First the Individual (starting with the CEO)

2. Then the Team

3. And finally, the Business … leading to market.


2. For each of these we develop:

1. First the Why (Enduring Purpose)
2. Then the How (Values)
3. And finally, the What (Mission)

Leading to goals, strategies, plans, etc. 

3. By adopting this approach, we build:

1. One Culture

2. One Plan

2. One Focus …leading to an unstoppable business machine.

1. Personal Leadership:

A “Develop the Leader” exercise, focused on identifying and developing your core strengths as a leader – your personal hedgehog – where passion, talent and career intersect and you can be world class; writing your ONEThing plan;  and developing a “getting things done” personal efficacy, planning and management process.

2. Developing a “Fit for Purpose: Team:

This is about making sure you have the right people on the team, in the right positions and all pulling together. Key elements are team profiling; developing interpersonal understanding and improving communications; role and responsibility benchmarking; team development and gap analysis, now and for the future.

3. Business Strategy Reframing:

This is about “getting everyone moving in the same direction”.   It is about absolute business clarity and focus by bringing world-class potential, shared passion and a clear business model/economic driver together in focused action.

A message from Padraig:


As you are reading this you are probably a CEO, Business Owner or Functional Head, such as HR.  

You are also probably focused on growth and face many challenges, such as:

  • developing piercing clarity and focus;
  • knowing if you are on the right track and staying on it;
  • wondering if your plans make sense;
  • if you have the right people on the bus in the right seats and if you are all going in the same direction;
  • wondering how to grow your business faster, with fewer mistakes and better results;
  • wondering about your own goals and plans and if they make sense;
  • where you are going in your career and life; how to build economic independence;

Real questions for real people.

Through our various interventions we help answer these questions; we help you with your thinking; we bring you best practice and tools to create space where you can bounce ideas, talk, get feedback and direction, get your key people on board and become an unstoppable force that drives your business forward.

If any of this makes sense to you then get in touch.  Get what all winners in all areas of endeavour get, expert assistance.

Contact me now for a free, no obligation, confidential consultation on how to take yourself, your team and your business forward to greater success. That is what we do.

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