I would like to share Insight #53 from my book “The Dangerous Book for CEOs”.


Periodically, we are given an exercise or worksheet, or maybe it is just ‘that time of year’, so we get out our calendar and a pad and we start listing wishes. We make resolutions to increase our income, to spend quality time with loved ones, and so on. We write things down because they sound good and because part of us really DOES want them.  Yet we overlook the reality that these are the very things we have been choosing NOT to do for months, and sometimes for years or even decades. How silly is that?


The author and coach Philip Humbert – whom I am paraphrasing above – cites the great modern “resolution” to lose weight as a good example of this cycle. He writes, “We make our resolutions … but we don’t lose weight. Of course, we wish to. Yes, we talk about it. We think about it. We beat ourselves up for not doing it and experience shame for our failure, yet the fact is that we choose to carry those extra pounds and lose weight ‘tomorrow’. For today, we would rather have dessert.”