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“All top performers, in all fields of endeavour, get expert assistance.”

Set and achieve really BIG goals.

Want to double your business in 36 months?  Yes?

Then you need all the help you can get. We all know it is insane to keep doing the same thing expecting different results, but how many of us actually do anything about it? Get support from people who have been in your shoes and are experienced in helping leaders like you break through to the next level of performance and results.

Develop the confidence you need to propel yourself forward that only comes from absolute clarity and focus. Personal Leadership starts with personal awareness – developing clarity around how and where you add value.

Talk to someone today who has worn the tee-shirt and understands your challenges.

“I’ve found Padraig’s DeliberateCEO group to be a very useful gathering of CEO’s who provide constructive criticism, feedback and challenge on plans for the business. The group is ably facilitated by Padraig who keeps the focus firmly on the solutions to the key issues facing each CEO.”

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Peter Caslin, CEO

Think BIG and Go Small, to Line up the Dominos and Win!

Do you want to really free up your organisation for success?
This require that you find and communicate the Core of the business to everyone in the organisation.  This brings the singular focus that comes from understanding what differentiates your business – your Business Hedgehog; agreeing a clear and realistic Purpose, Values and Mission that everyone believes in; translating this into a coherent strategy and a practical implementation plan with a ONE-Thing Business Strategic Plan; and then moving into focused action with a regular, structured, internal review process.

Develop, agree, resource and implement simplex (as opposed to complex) strategic thinking and planning.  Line up your dominos and win!

Become a more effective and professional person.

Want to become all you can be?

It requires more than just business knowledge and skills. It also requires a range of life and professional attributes. We offer a range of effectiveness programmes that can help you better understand yourself and others; become a better communicator and presenter; get things done more effectively; become smarter; better manage your work/life balance; get and stay healthy; reduce stress; etc.

We are passionate about human performance improvement, about you becoming all you can be. Let us help you make and keep it simple.

Do you want to get and stay on track?  

Then become a DeliberateCEO and get the input and support of a Peer Group of CEOs.

Most CEOs and Business Owners operate in somewhat of a vacuum, with no-one or nothing to challenge or hold them accountable for their thinking, goals, strategies, plans or actions; no-one with whom they can be completely candid, who fully understands their challenges and stresses and who can give them the inputs, support, help and feedback they actually need.

DeliberateCEO was developed to address that need through facilitated, structured peer groups, where a small number of CEOs with the same simple goal – to better achieve their personal and business ambitions – get the opportunity to discuss, reflect and draw on the thinking, talent and experience of a group of trusted peers, so as to move both themselves and their businesses forward, faster, with fewer mistakes and with greater results.

Join a facilitated mastermind group in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick or Belfast.  You don’t have to do it all on your own.


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