Hello everyone.

I did an Insight Clip the other day on Maintenance and one of my colleagues in the office who uploads them passed a couple of comments to me so I thought I’d elaborate a bit further.

My colleague asked me for practical examples and why this happens? What is the reason that things need to be maintained?

The example I gave was an article I read recently on Entropy. The natural order of things is that things that are complex become less complex, that systems and structures break down, not that they become more complex.

We are the miracle or the exception that proves the rule. In general things are moving towards a state of entropy, so unless you maintain structures, unless you maintain relationships, they will dissolve in time.

So this concept of Entropy is very very important and the best example I can give you is a marriage.

If you have a marriage and you don’t work on the marriage, if you neglect the structures, if you’re not regularly re-negotiating the marriage contract, in terms of what are we both trying to get out of this relationship, what’s working, what’s not working?

If you are not getting advice and support and so on, ultimately it will dissolve.

Most marriages dissolve not in a big crash and burn where one person walks out and you end up in divorce. Most of them dissolve because they end up finding out they have nothing in common.

They have moved off in different ways, they haven’t developed anything, they haven’t maintained the relationship.

So that is a practical example of entropy in the real world and the necessity of maintaining things, maintaining systems, maintaining orders and maintaining structures if you want them to endure.