I would like to share Insight #59 from my book “The Dangerous Book for CEOs”.


They may be compared to codes of conduct. You should be happy and proud to share your Principles with anyone as representing the essence of how you can be expected to interact with them. Your Principles are the basis for how you make decisions. If you don’t make decisions based on principles, then you make them on the basis of expediency. And we all know the stories of the individuals and companies that made the headlines for that reason. Principles are your primary control system.


Every individual and every organisation has Operating Principles, whether they are good or bad, clear or unclear. As we said, Principles provide a framework for decision-making. They are at the heart of personal and business strategy. All improvements in your personal or business development begin by clarifying and ordering your organisation’s true Principles and then committing yourself and your team to live by them consistently.