Energise and transform your team

Open their minds with leading edge ideas, thinking and tools!

Would you like to give your team a lift?

Introduce them to new thinking and leading edge ideas on personal and business performance improvement; to help them be all they can be as individuals, a team and a business.

We aim to inspire people to change by helping them to realise firstly that it is possible and then that they can do it. We believe in the power of a good idea and its ability to change the way people see the world, what they do and the results that they get. These talks are challenging and for many can be life changing.

Give your team a lift – give them a new and inspiring idea!

“If I was to say anything I would say; ONEFocus has Developed and steered the team to engage in open discussion with a strategic focus to drive a business forward to achieve a sustainable growing business for the Group”

John Dolan Headshot

– John Dolan, General Manager
The Gleneagle Hotel

Do you have a World-Class “Fit for Purpose” Team?

Do you want to get the right people on the team, in the right seats, playing to their individual and team strengths, for now and for 36 months time?

In our view this is probably the single most important ingredient in the mix that makes for business success. Building a great team to achieve great results does not happen by accident. There are leading edge thinking, processes and tools that significantly improve success in the development of world class team performance.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast!  Stop managing and start leading.

Build winning teams!

TTI Success Insights is a psychometric based system that helps individuals and organisations develop their talent.


Discover – Find
Engage – Retain
Advance – Develop
Perform – Manage


Looking at the How, Why and What of an individual or a role, the integrated psychometric tools measure Behaviour (Howyou like to do things), Emotional Quotient (How you handle situations), Driving Forces (Why you do what you do), Competencies (What you have done / been recognised for)  and Acumen (What potentially you can do – how you process your decision making) and allow you to benchmark individuals and teams agains roles.


With pre and post diagnostic tools this system allows you to build a comprehensive talent management process to remove stress and build a team fit for purpose.

Want to build the best fit for purpose team?

For over 30 years we have been developing assessments that build credibility, capability and cash-flow for trainers, coaches and consultants worldwide.

The TTI Success Insights suite is the ultimate OD toolkit. As the first company in the world to create a series of “multi-science” assessments, our tools can provide a deeper, richer and more complete understanding of people when selecting, developing or managing their personal and professional lives.