Hello everyone. I have a very short insight for you today.

Do you maintain your car your bicycle, your washing machine?

Of course you do because if you don’t maintain them, eventually they wear out and they break.

Things that need not go wrong, do go wrong. And typically when they do go wrong, they’re very very expensive to repair. As opposed to the maintenance option which is relatively inexpensive, in comparison at least.

The exact same applies to your health, to your relationships, to your personal and professional development.

I had an experience recently where I was not maintaining something- a relationship. The person I was not maintaining it with made the point that relationships are like your car.

She made the point that with my motorbike I will maintain it, I will spend any amount of money keeping it in tip-top shape because I made the point to her that if I take care of it, it takes care of me.

And she made the point that if you’re not taking care of our relationship…well you get the message…

I want you to think of this idea- the “Maintenance Schedule”.

The headings I’m giving you are: Health, Relationships, your Development and Fun.

What Maintenance Schedule have you in place for these 4 areas?

And if you don’t have a maintenance schedule in place, think about it.