1.  Lining up the Dominos:
Learn how to develop piercing clarity and focus both personally and in your business.

The playlist “Lining up the dominos for the One Thing” will help you to assimilate 3 key principles which are critical to reaching one’s goals:


  1. Success is built sequentially and over time.
  2. You need to identify where passion, talent and career intersects.
  3. You have to be able to think BIG and go small.

2.  Discovering your Hedgehog:
Identify and focus on where both you and your business create the maximum value.

Have you ever watched a great musician or sportsperson and dream of what it would be like to be like them and actually do something that:


  1. You loved doing and did not consider work.
  2. You are actually very good at.
  3. And could get well paid for!

This series shows how you can discover your ‘Hedgehog’.

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3.  ONEThing Planning:
Learn how to develop and then translate Purpose into Priority through practical strategy that delivers results.

In previous videos we discussed:

  1. The hedgehog concept.
  2. Lining up the dominos for success.
  3. Thinking big and going small until you are staring at just one thing.

In this series of videos I want to focus on personal and business planning using the ONEThing Plan, but incorporating those three ideas in to it.

4.  Getting Things Done:
Move from Purpose and Priority into Productivity – Execution is the Chariot of Genius!

In this series of blogs and videos I want to help you move into action.

To do this requires a system and most of these blogs and videos will talk about a system I use and the thinking underpinning it.

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Like what you see?
Why not check out all of our videos on YouTube?