I would like to share Insight #54 from my book “The Dangerous Book for CEOs”.


We don’t do the things we say we want to do because the goals we tell ourselves we want to achieve don’t connect to who we are as people. Work from the inside out to be sure that WHAT you are doing is aligned with your personal WHY!


One of the keys to achieving any goal is to be certain the goal accurately reflects what you really believe matters when it comes to what you really, really want for your life. The very best way to start the planning process is to make sure that the Pursuit you ultimately commit to makes sense in the context of why you get out of bed in the morning, why you and your business exist in the first place, and your Purpose and Passion, and that it is built on the strong foundation of a clear Ikigai. Once the foundation is in place, building the house becomes a whole lot easier.