I would like to share Insight #61 from my book “The Dangerous Book for CEOs”.


Once you have a company purpose down in black and white, you have the essence of the business’s proactivity, the reason for its continued existence. Such a purpose statement helps to embody excellence in everything you do.


Your Principles express “How we do things around here.” They define acceptable and unacceptable boundaries of behaviour. They express what is important to your organisation and consequently where you will pay the most attention. They are your core beliefs and unifying concepts. They will bring clarity and a basis or framework for your organisation’s actions … and allow you to live with the consequences of those actions.


Make sure that your Pursuit is framed in such a way that it defines where you and your team need to focus your attention … and it will be clear to everyone whether or not you achieve it.


Is YOUR Visioning clear to you and everyone in your team?